Atomic Fizz Soda – A Delicious Local Fusion

Atomic Fizz Soda

A Delicious Local Fusion

Atomic Fizz; fused in Kansas City by a group of young local entrepreneurs, started as an idea in a group chat. Now, that idea is a flavorful soda that provides a unique taste to anyone that tries it!

We recently interviewed the president of Atomic Fizz, Tanner Masters, for our most recent podcast episode.  Masters told us how they turned an idea in a group chat into a delicious carbonated beverage.

Atomic Fizz Soda; local KC business


Masters said he was home from college for the summer and was cleaning out his garage. He said his mind began to wonder about all the great businesses that began in a garage, and then he had an idea. An idea that he quickly shared with his high school friends that he maintained contact with through a group chat. Masters and several of his friends eventually agreed; they needed to started a business out of a garage.

Eventually they settled on making a new pop; so that meant they needed to personally create and taste-test countless varieties of sugary soda. The young entrepreneurs began doing just that late one evening. “By the time 3 AM rolls around, we’re sick to our stomachs”, said Masters, “we’re going to try one more flavor, and if this doesn’t work we’re just going to call it quits.

After mixing that one final flavor, the group realized they were close. So, they made one tweak to the recipe and were certain that they had finally discovered their new flavor.

The group members began telling anyone they could about their new soda. After all, they had no idea how to start or run a business. Most specifically, they had no clue how to start a new soda business. “There was a lot mistakes made at the beginning because we have absolutely no business background”, said Masters. “But, they weren’t fatal mistakes, and we learned a lot.”

To hear more specific details on how the group turned an idea into legitimate bottled soda listen to Episode 7 of Tim and Tom!

Atomic Fizz Soda; local KC business


“The interesting thing about our unique flavor is that every single person who tries it says that they taste something different”, said Masters. “I’ve had a friend who said it tastes like cotton candy. We’ve had someone who said it tastes like Cherry Coke, anything across the board you can think of.”

Masters said a lot of people, after trying the soda for the first time, say it tastes like a citrus creme soda. Although, he personally doesn’t taste any cream in the mix. “I think it tastes like Skittles”, said Masters.

The process of finding a great flavor introduced several not-so-great flavors. “Probably the most horrible, and memorable thing, that we tried, had to have been a mint soda”, said Masters. “It tasted like you had just brushed your teeth, it burned going down. We almost quit after that point.”

To learn more about some of the process of how the group mixed their flavor attempts, listen to Episode 7 of Tim and Tom!

Atomic Fizz Soda; local KC business


Imagine that you  have created a new soda flavor and started a business that produces and sells that new pop. Now, imaging having done that while attending college and working. “We’re full-time students, we got part-time jobs, and we’re out there running this business”, said Masters, “we’re pretty busy.”

With multiple owners traveling to multiple cities for both school and work, it is difficult to coordinate business meetings. “We still have a business group chat”, said Masters, “and then we try and find times to sit down once a week to talk strictly our business.”

Going to college and working is a hard task for almost anyone. However, these young local entrepreneurs won’t let that get in their way. They have introduced yet another flavor, and they keep learning everything they possibly can about running a soda business, and just a business in general.

You can stream or download Episode 7 using the player below to learn about Atomic Fizz’s environmentally-conscious business practices, how they chose the name, details of their crazy schedules, and so much more!

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