Donutology – Kansas City’s Newest Experiment

Donutology – Kansas City’s Newest Experiment

Get your lab coat on, it’s time to experiment, with DONUTS!

Donutology in Westport
An inside look into the Donut lab!

Donutology, a new KC science lab is making headlines because this lab is studying donuts!

They even sent a donut to space! Why? Well, because they can.  “Why not send a donut into space?”, asked Andrew Cameron, founder and owner of Donutology.

You might wonder what donuts have to do with science. “Baking is a science”, said Cameron, “and the fact that you can experiment with over 40,000 combinations of donuts that we offer here really set the foundation of what we’re trying to do.”

Try these and more.
Just a few of the great things to find at Donutology.

Partnerships with Shatto Milk, The Roasterie, and others highlight Donutology’s desire to keep things local. “That was another huge priority for us, was to be local,” said Cameron, “also our donut flour is just grown a couple of hours from here, in Western Kansas.”

There’s even a partnership with Charlie Hustle to bring you the latest and greatest in donut fashion! “That was a big surprise for us because we’ve sold thousands of t-shirts, and we’re a donut shop,” said Cameron, “so we’ve really expanded our donut fashion line and we have a collaboration with School of Sock and Sock 101 so we’ve got a line of donut socks coming out here soon, too.”

Donutology is not just donuts and coffee, there’s also a wide variety of items on the menu to compliment their donuts.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get experiment for yourself and try some delicious donuts!

Donutology Rocks
Another look into the donut lab!

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